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What is Flomax?

Flomax is one of the alpha-blockers that helps improve urination and relaxation of the prostate muscles for men suffering from an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia. BHP is a health condition that may come with conditions like difficulty in urination, frequent urination, and other uncomfortable situations.


However, Flomax, as an alpha blocker, helps with making the patient feel better even though it doesn't cure the condition. It's one of the most prescribed drugs for an enlarged prostate.


Flomax may also be prescribed for other health conditions. However, this has to be from a medical practitioner for proper use.

Features of Flomax Drug

The primary feature of Flomax is to help with BPH. Read below to know more about this condition.


  • Treatment of Enlarged Prostate

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a health condition common in men over 50 years. Most times, there's a misconception around this health condition, as many link it to an early stage of prostate cancer. While this isn't the actual medical explanation, BPH can cause some uncomfortable experiences for men who suffer from it.


BPH causes a swelling in the prostate of men that places high pressure on the bladder, which leads to difficulty in peeing, painful urination, and frequent peeing.


The cause of enlarged prostate, according to medical analysis, is hormonal changes as men age. The symptoms of this condition range from mild to extremely severe ones.

One of the most popular alpha-blockers used for treating an enlarged prostate is Flomax.

Benefits of using Flomax

The significant benefit of using Flomax has been explained above, however, here are some others to add.


  • Relaxation of enlarged prostate and bladder.
  • Reduction in painful urination as a result of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.
  • May serve other purposes as prescribed by the medical practitioner.

The prescribed dosage for Flomax

The major rule to follow for the prescription dosage of Flomax is sticking to the doctor's instructions. This is the best way to help you enjoy the effectiveness of the drug. Also, you should maintain the actual amount as prescribed by your doctor.


You're to take Flomax once daily, about 30 minutes after a meal. The pill must be swallowed and not crushed or melted.

Stacking of Flomax

Flomax can be perfectly stacked with other drugs based on the instructions given by the medical personnel. However, do not go on a stacking journey without consultation with a professional.


Also, ensure you speak about underlying conditions, especially high blood pressure before taking Flomax.

Side Effects of Flomax

Flomax is an alpha-blocker that helps reduce pain and problems in the body. Due to this, it has little to no side effects on the body. However, some changes may be felt temporarily, which will eventually go away after the body adjusts. Some of these conditions are listed below.

  • Lightheadedness
  • Rashes
  • Headache
  • Runny nose

Warnings and Precautions

Here are some of the warnings and precautions to adhere to for the best result of Flomax. Also, these will help reduce the side effects or health conditions that may come up as a result of wrong usage.


  • Avoid driving or engaging in rigorous activities immediately after ingesting Flomax because you may experience lightheadedness.
  • Stick to the dosage instructions as given by your medical professional.
  • Discuss any allergies you may have with your doctor before using Flomax.
  • Discuss your Flomax intake history with your surgeon before a surgical procedure.

What to do when there is an Overdose of Flomax

When there's an overdose of Flomax, ensure you reach out for medical help immediately. You can as well call a poison center immediately to help out.

Storage Techniques for the Drug

Store the Flomax bottle in a safe, cool, but dry place. Do not expose to extreme heat, and ensure all lids are correctly covered after use.

Keep away from pets and kids as well.


Dispose of completely with the right method when content is stopped or expired.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flomax

How long does it take to feel the function of Flomax in the body?


Flomax works within 4 to 5 hours of intake before eating and 7 hours when ingested after a meal. However, to feel its significant impact on the body, it may take up to 5 days.


How long will I take Flomax?

Although most prescription Flomax is based on a long-term basis, your medical professional may decide to stop your intake after some time.


Can a pregnant woman take Flomax?

Except for other unspecified purposes, Flomax is majorly used by men.

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