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Here Is A Simple Procedure That Brings Long-Term Relief From Back Pain

Here Is A Simple Procedure That Brings Long-Term Relief From Back Pain

This morning your alarm sounds like fingernails scraping a chalkboard. Pain interrupted your sleep last night and you tossed and turned for hours.

Living with severe pain from injury or wear and tear on your back can be overwhelming. When you can’t sleep well and have to start canceling important commitments, relief cannot come soon enough.

Steroid injections are a safe, powerful pain-relieving treatment option for back pain.


Upper Back and Neck Pain Relief

A number of conditions can cause pain in the upper back and neck. Common problems such as bulging or herniated disc and disc degeneration can cause pain from compressed nerve roots and local inflammation.

The pain often remains around the nerves in the upper back and neck area. But, depending on the condition, it can travel down into the shoulders, arms, and hands.

Cervical steroid injections stop this pain by reducing inflammation and coating the nerves.


Lower Back Pain Relief

Nerves run from your spinal cord out to your lower back and down your legs. Damaged discs and other conditions can cause inflammation and irritation of the nerve roots close to the spinal cord. The pain can radiate from your lower back down into your legs.

A lower back or caudal steroid injection can reduce inflammation and relieve the pain.


What can I expect during a steroid injection procedure?

You will lie on an x-ray table, face down for the spinal injections. Before both the cervical and caudal steroid injections, you may receive a calming intravenous or IV medication. The procedures usually take less than 15 minutes.

Upper Back Injection Procedure:

  • Patients lay face down.
  • One or two injections are administered to the upper back. A single injection contains a mixture of anesthetic for immediate pain relief and steroid for long-term pain relief.
  • In the case of two injections, the first is a smaller needle with a local anesthetic, and the second is a larger needle with the steroid.

Lower Back Injection Procedure:

  • Like the upper back or cervical injection procedure, patients lay face down.
  • They receive one or two injections into the lower back, above the tailbone.


How long does the pain relief last?

Many patients report immediate pain relief. For many, this is due to the anesthetic, which wears off within hours. It usually takes the steroid two or three days to set in and relieve the pain. For some patients, relief can last for months.


Back Pain Treatment at Texas Pain Physicians

You don’t have to lose any more sleep or cancel any more appointments because of back pain. If you think steroid injection may be the answer, we can meet with you ASAP. Our physicians are experts in pain management and will help you decide on the right treatment.

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