Houston Pain Clinic

If you are looking for a Houston Pain Clinic, look no further than Texas Pain Physicians. Our locations cover not only the Houston location, but other locations across Texas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex offices of: Dallas, Waxahachie, Southlake, Grand Prarie, Uptown, Mesquite, Plano, and more. Our Pain Clinics are easily accessible are navigable from any major roads and highways.

At Texas Pain Physicians, we have over a dozen board certified pain management doctors and physicians who have dozens of years of experience in helping patients of all ages.Dallas Pain Clinic

Houston Pain Clinic Specialties

Our pain clinic can help with a variety of pain conditions, including: arthritus, cancer pain, fractures disc displacement, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines, herniated disks, general back pain, general neck pain, should pain, kneed pain, pelvic pain, post-surgical pain, shingles, sports injuries, spinal infections, spondylosis, and several more conditions.

Our Houston Pain Doctors have seen, experienced and worked with patients on numerous conditions to help relieve their pain and get them on the path of healing and recovery. We work together to provide you with the most comprehensive and conservative care possible for acute and chronic pain patients. Since 2002, we have provided pain relief at our Houston Pain Clinic and have helped thousands of patients.

Our pain doctors truly understand the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment, and our doctors can manage your pain so that you can manage your life in a way that you love.

What Our Patients are Saying

Dr. Muhammad was professional, knowledgeable and seemed to genuinely care about finding a solution to my pain problem.

Dr. Rasheed has been a wonderful doctor so far. He’s very professional and confident. He has had a ton if ideas for us to try, which is completely different from my last pain mgt. doc. So far, he’s been everything I could have asked in a pain mgt. doctor.

I love Dr. Abdelfattah! He is an amazing doctor. He has an excellent beside manner, and her Is very interested and concerned about his patients, and their diagnosis, and he is able to empathize with his patients. He is very skilled at preforming minimally invasive procedures that can really reduce pain. He is NOT a pill mill, but he is NOT scared to prescribe what the patient may need to be comfortable and to reduce pain. As far as I can tell the Pain Management Clinic is in full compliance with the State medical board’s guidelines on Pain Management Clinics. I would send anyone who is seeking relief from their pain to him because he is going to do his very best to find out what is causing the pain, and the best way to treat it. Truly an AWESOME doctor!!! I nominate him as a TOP DOCTOR!!! Being a healthcare professional I know a good physician when I see one and this one is it!!!!

Staff was amazing, tell you what they think and give you options and really wants to know the underlined cause before they do anything. I think that’s awesome and will recommend to anyone!!!

Everyone was so nice. Dr. Zhao explained things to me in a way I could understand everything. She had a smile on her face the whole time. It was like she was happy to see me. I really liked how the appointment turned out.

Dr. Syed listens to me & gives me hope for conquering this constant pain of neuropathy. He is open to new methods of treating my constant pain.

Super place, super doctors. Took the time to explain everything to me.