Dr. Donald Bacon, MD

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San Antonio:

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Dr. Donald D. Bacon

Dr. Bacon has been practicing pain medicine for over 36 years. He graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1974 and completed his residency in Anesthesiology in 1977. He has been board certified in anesthesia and was subspecialty certified in pain management in 1996.

Dr. Bacon has had extensive experience with the management of chronic pain and has utilized multiple modalities for the appropriate management of this debilitating problem. He has been recognized as a leader in several modalities including spinal and peripheral stimulation, intrathecal administration of medication, and other interventional techniques. He has participated in multiple clinical trials for several of these procedures and has been a lecturer and instructor for courses teaching other specialists to better utilize these modalities for over twenty years. Dr. Bacon has also participated in numerous clinical trials for utilization of oral and intrathecal medications. He has co-authored several articles concerning these procedures and medications in the peer-reviewed literature.

Dr. Bacon has been and remains active in several national subspecialty organizations and is board of directors emeritus for the Texas Pain Society. This organization has been active in education on appropriate management of pain and has been instrumental in working with the state legislature enabling specific laws concerning pain management in the state of Texas.


  • Medical School – University of Texas Health Science Center


  • Texas Pain Society